News - November 2015

- 17 – 19 November 2015, Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia): Branislav Tekić, representative of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, participated at the regional training seminar on migrations and international human rights law. The training seminar was organized by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Group 484, Belgrade (Serbia) and the International Law Commission from Geneva (Switzerland). The training seminar was held by Massimo Frigo of the International Commission, on the concept of international human rights law and other forms of international protection, applicability of international legal remedies, territory approach and asylum procedures and the non-refoulement principle in the international law.


- 17 - 18 November 2015, Brussels (Belgium): Representatives of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, Milena Babic and Ljubomir Mikic, took part in the two-days conference „What Needs to Change to Make EU Funds Simpler, More Efficient and Accountable?“, organized by the Open Society Foundations and the Socialists and Democrats Progressive Alliance Group in the European Parliament. The conference brought together numerous government representatives, representatives of the civil society, EU officials, academia, development agencies and Roma organizations and institutions. Participants of the conference explored and discussed opportunities and ways to forward the use of EU funds to improve the situation of Roma communities in Central-Eastern and South Eastern Europe, serving as models of a better mutual cooperation to safeguard transparency and accountability of EU funding for Roma.


- 30 November 2015, Belgrade (Serbia): Representative of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, Ljubomir Mikic, participated in a one-day CSOs international workshop on the issues of national minorities, organized by the international NGO network 'Civic Solidarity Platform'. The workshop was dedicated to the presentation of the Ljubljana Guidelines on the integration of diverse societies as well as the Bolzano/ Bozen Recommendations on national minorities in inter-state relations of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM), as well as the discussion amongst the participants on the implementation of the said documents in practice. Conclusions and practical recommendations from the workshop will be presented to the High Commissioner on National Minorities as well as other OSCE institutions and OSCE participating States.