News - January 2012

- 27 – 28 January 2012, Ilok: Representatives of the Center for Peace - Vukovar, Mrs. Milena Babić and Mr. Dragan Pepić, participated in the 4th training seminar within the framework of the project “Equality Scan”, organized by the Croatian institute for local government (HILS). The subject of the fourth training seminar was “Training for participation in decision-making processes”, lectured by the professor Zvonimir Lauc, president of HILS and the Law Faculty professor in Osijek. Topics of the training were as follows: Basic principles of consultations (participation, trust, sincerity and responsibility, efficiency); Standards and measures in the consultation process (timely information, accessibility and clarity of the content of the consultation process, the period of implementation of the Internet and other forms of consultation, feedback information on the effects of consultations, compliance of standards and consultation’s benchmarks); Guidelines for the application of the Code of practice on consultation with the interested public in procedures of adopting laws, other regulations and acts (preparation for the consulting plans – the clarity of the content, scope and consultation impact – the availability of counseling procedures – information and consultation methods – participation and partnership methods – organization of public consultations – evaluation of consultation procedures – level of participation in decision-making processes), and the Analysis of the specific regulation according to the OECD standards.

- 24 – 25 January 2012, Zagreb: Representatives of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, Mrs. Ankica Mikić and Mr. Branislav Tekić took part in two events organized by the Office of Ombudsman in Zagreb.
24 January, representatives of the Center for Peace – Vukovar attended the opening ceremony of the IPA 2009 twinning project „Establishing a comprehensive system for anti-discrimination protection Funded under”. The Office of Ombudsman will be implementing this project in 2012 and partially in 2013, in cooperation with the Office for Human Right of the government of the Republic of Croatia. The project is financially supported by the EU, while the opening ceremony of the project was conceived as a gathering of potential future participants of the project activities.
25 January, representatives of the Center participated in the roundtable discussion, entitled „Cooperation under the Article 15 of the Law on Combating Discrimination“, organized by the Ombudsman with financial support of the UNDP Programme in Croatia. The purpose of this roundtable was to gather stakeholders from Article 15 of the Law on Combating Discrimination and present them the potential model of cooperation with the Ombudsman in the field of combating discrimination.