News - May 2012

- 29 – 30 May, 2012, Belgrade (Serbia): Representative of the Center for Peace - Vukovar attended the preparatory meeting of the regional NGO network held within the framework of the project “Development of the Civil Society Network in the Western Balkans region", implemented by the Group 484 from Belgrade (Serbia) with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia. Topics of this preparatory meeting were: Action Plan for 2012 (thematic meetings, thematic documents, training on the topic of migrations); presentation of NGO activities for 2012; review of the Sarajevo Donor’s Conference - results and future implementation of a regional project to address refugee issues in former Yugoslavia; presentation of the document "Review of the recent decision of the Croatian Government on housing." Conclusions on the future activities of the network were considered and adopted during the preparatory meeting.

- 3 – 4 May 2012, Zagreb: Legal advisors of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, Mr. g. Branislav Tekić and Mr. Drago Pepić attended the 1st training organized for regional anti-discrimination contact points. Mr. Tekić and Mr. Pepić have been authorized for the implementation of the Agreement on cooperation in the field of combating discrimination for the region of east Croatia, signed with the Office of Ombudsman. Topics of the training were: Raising awareness on discrimination (personal identities and discrimination; Croatian legislative framework; diversity and discrimination) and Institutional framework for antidiscrimination issues in Croatia and the Introduction to diversity in the business world (Office of Ombudsman; the role of antidiscrimination contact points; diversity in the business world). Along with members of the Project team Mrs. Marina Hudolin (Croatian Employment Agency), Mrs. Antea Radić (Croatian Employment Agency), Mrs. Lana Velimirović Vukalović (Office for Human Rights of the government of the Republic of Croatia) and Mrs, Teodora Matej (Office of Ombudsman); lecturers/trainers: Mrs. Katrin Wladash from Austria and Mrs. Lana Načinović from Croatia, the lectures were conducted by Mrs. Silvija Trgovec Greif, Mrs. Tena Šimonović Einwalter and Mrs. Nikolina Patalen from the Office of Ombudsman.