News - September 2012

 - 27 - 28 September, 2012, Ilok - Vukovar: Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance - Vukovar organized an educational seminar on “The role of national minorities in the promotion and development of cross-border cooperation and regional stabilization” in Ilok and Vukovar. The seminar was organized within the framework of the project “Promoting public consciousness about multi-ethnicity as positive social capital in development of returnee local communities”, carried out by the STINE Institute from Split, together with partners Vukovar Institute for Peace Research and Education - VIMIO and Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial assistance - Vukovar, and co-organized by the Council for National Minorities in Croatia, with the financial support from the EU IPA 2009. The aim of the seminar was to contribute to a better understanding of opportunities and learning methods and modes with which minority organizations and institutions can contribute to and participate in the creation, advocacy, promotion and implementation of various cross-border and Euroregional projects, strengthening good-neighborly relations, cooperation between Croatia and their home countries, and the overall regional stabilization and development.  The lectures were given by the following experts: Mr. Dragutin Babić, PhD from the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies Zagreb, Mr. Aleksandar Tolnauer, President of the Council for National Minorities of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Slobodan Uzelac, PhD Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences from Zagreb, Mr. Milan Ivanovic, Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek, Mr. Mirko Markovic, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and Mr. Ljubomir Mikic, Centre for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance - Vukovar.


- 17 September, 2012, Osijek: Representative of the Center for Peace - Vukovar, Mr. Drago Pepic, participated in the conference organized by HILS (Croatian Institute for Local Government) within the project "Equality Scan", implemented for the past 14 months in Vukovar-Srijem County intended to bolster the organization dealing with monitoring policies relating to national minorities. The conference presented the course and results of the implementation of the project, followed by a discussion of key issues related to the work of councils and representatives of national minorities and organizations involved in promoting the interests of national minorities.

- 5 - 6 September, 2012, Zagreb: Representatives of the Center for Peace - Vukovar, Mrs. Ankica Mikic and Mr. Drago Pepic, participated in the information sessions - MODULE 2: Call for Proposals under IPA Component IV – EU Programme of Human Resources Development for Croatia for the competition, “Integration of disadvantaged groups in regular education system” in relation to the project submitted in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE) from Thessaloniki, Greece, entitled “Uniting Differences – fostering the integration of Roma preschool children”. The workshop consisted of the presentation of information in the scope of the relevant ministry, the information on the application form part B, complete application form - the structure and general / technical notes, information on the design of objectives, results and activities / methodology of the project in the full project proposal and individual consultations for Applicants.