News - February 2013

- 1 February 2013, Zagreb: Member of the Center for Peace Vukovar, Mr. Ljubomir Mikić, participated in a roundtable discussion organized by the Serbian Democratic Forum (SDF) dedicated to the presentation of the SDF study “Exercising the right to employment of the persons belonging to national minorities in public services and ensuring gender equality in 2012”. The study was created within the framework of the project “Exercising the right to employment of the persons belonging to national minorities in public services and ensuring gender equality”, financed by the Open Society Foundations. In the introductory part of the roundtable discussion, which preceded the general discussion amongst the participants, Mr. Mikić gave a presentation on the topic “The right to representation and employment of persons belonging to national minorities in accordance with the Article 22 of the Constitutional Law on the Rights of National Minorities – the legal framework and implementation plans and acts”.

- 6 February 2013, Vukovar: Center for Peace Vukovar has commenced the implementation of project named Project Generation Facility (PGF) Croatia. PGF Croatia will be implemented by the Consortium formed of Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance Vukovar, Volunteer Center Osijek and Association for Education of Roma in the Republic of Croatia „Kali Sara”.
PGF Croatia is focused on empowerment of Roma civil society organizations and initiatives, strengthening their impact and building their organizational competitiveness as well as competitiveness of their projects at the EU funds calls for proposals and tenders.
The project is implemented within the framework of the Open Society Institute initiative “Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma” (MtM). The expected duration of the project is 24 months, starting with February 1, 2013.

The overall goal of this project is to contribute to the efforts aimed at Roma Inclusion in the Republic of Croatia through increasing the Roma expertise and active involvement in accessing EU funding opportunities with aim to support Roma integration and sustainably improve their position in the society.


The objectives of the project, derived from the Development Objective are:
1. To establish functional and sustainable mechanisms for provision of Project Generation Facility service in Croatia which will enable primarily Roma CSOs, but also other beneficiaries working for the benefit of Roma communities, to receive all the support necessary increase of their competitiveness with regard to access to EU funds.
2. To increase the competitiveness of Roma CSOs and other stakeholders working for the benefit of Roma communities with regard to access and effective use of pre-accession, structural and other EU funds, by building their human resources' skills and expertise in project development, management and implementation.
3. To increase involvement of Roma community members in different phases of project development and implementation, as well as in mainstreaming Roma inclusion measures in the local development policies.

 PGF beneficiaries:
- Smaller Roma CSOs and non-Roma CSOs working for the benefit of Roma
- Smaller or disadvantaged municipalities
- Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) applying for EU Funds on a one-time or an irregular basis

PGF Croatia activities include:
- Establishing mechanisms for providing PGF services and support in preparation of project proposals to Roma and non-Roma civil society organizations, small businesses and smaller local government units in the areas inhabited by Roma communities;
- Informative and educational trainings and workshops on the preparation of projects aimed at Roma integration and improvement of socio-economic status of the Roma community in Croatia, primarily for the purpose of applying on tenders for EU and IPA funds, as well as other domestic and foreign donor’s calls for proposals;
- Information about the announced and published calls and tenders

Project will as well promote and support establishment of partnerships and cooperation between Roma organizations and community and the local governments. In addition, project activities will aim to establish the mechanisms for communication and information exchange with the state administration bodies and contracting authorities for EU funds in the Republic of Croatia.

Additional potential incentives that might be provided to beneficiaries through MtM programme:
- The possibility of obtaining additional funds for expenses that are not eligible under EU grants
- The possibility of obtaining funds for the co-financing and pre-financing of the projects
- Support and mentoring in the process of the implementation of projects financed from the EU pre-accession funds

- 21 February 2013, Osijek: Representatives of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, Mrs. Milena Babić and Ms. Ivana Juričević attended the informative workshop which presented the Grant Call “Support Structures for CSOs at the Regional Level” within the Component IV - Human Resource Development. The workshop was organized by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development in cooperation with the Office for NGOs. Volunteer Center Osijek, as a regional support center within the framework of the Regional Development Programme for CSOs and local communities in the Republic of Croatia, implemented by the National Foundation, provided the attendees of the workshop with basic information on the project management cycle and clarified the process of fulfilling the mandatory project documentation.