News - March 2014

 - 21 March 2014, Vukovar: A round table discussion entitled "European Wealth of Multilingualism: Quo vadis, Croatia?" was held in the County hall of Vukovar- Srijem County. The event was organized by the campaign “All of Us - For a Croatia of Us All“, within the programme of celebrating multiculturalism in Vukovar, in collaboration with the Nansen Dialogue Centre and the European House Vukovar. The aim of this round table discussion was to contribute to intercultural and interethnic understanding and protection of cultural and linguistic richness and diversity.

Public discussion at the event was preceded by the introduction of the participants with examples of policies and practices of the protection of multilingualism in the EU member states, which was part of the introductory speeches given by representatives of embassies of Belgium, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Hungary. On the issue of exercising language rights of the Croatian national minority in the Republic of Serbia and exercising minority language rights in Croatia, the introductory was given by Mr. Tomislav Žigmanov of the Institute for the Culture of the Vojvodina Croats in Subotica and Mr. Ljubomir Mikić, representative of the Center for Peace - Vukovar.

Although initially conceived as an event dedicated to the analysis of multilingualism in the European context, the debate was largely focused on current issues of (non)exercising legally guaranteed rights to official use of language and script of the Serbian minority in Vukovar.