News - December 2011

- 15-16 December, 2011, Županja: Representative of the Center for Peace – Vukovar, participated in the second workshop / training on “Monitoring of Public Policy and New Technologies”, organized by the Croatian Institute for Local Government (HILS) from Osijek, in partnership with the Vukovar-Srijem County within the framework of the project "Equality Scan".

The training included two lectures on the following topics:
- New technologies and civil society organizations (The impact of information technology on the development of communication, application of the IT in legal communication, creation of databases and their availability to the public; downscaling methods in organizations - reorganization; education)
- Civil society and public relations (Identification of public issues, communication with the public and communication with the media; reports’ drafting techniques, notices)
Lecturer at training was Mr. Predrag Zima, Ph.D., Secretary of HILS and a professor at the Law Faculty in Osijek.